Word of the Year- One Little Word

So- I know it’s already February… but hey! Cut a girl some slack…  So I have done One Little Word every year for quite a while. I started with my scrapbooking and as my art has evolved- so have my Word of the Year projects… One year it was just the word- cut out with my Cricut- and taped to the bathroom mirror! But hey- it got the job done! If you are not familiar with One Little Word- here is a link- http://aliedwards.com/blog/one-little-word

So- my word? EMBRACE! There is so many things I want to embrace this year- the journey- all the good all the bad and the path I am on!

So here is the project I created to remind me to EMBRACE my life in 2014!

IMG_1268 IMG_1269

I love using my Gelli Plate- even when the size is smaller than the canvas- you can make it all work out. So the background is gelli plate, baby wipe painting and copper ink and stamps.

IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336Then I tore up pieces of paper to create the body of the bird and collaged them on the board, added bling and a few doodles- the word- and called it done!

Do you pick a word of your year? How are you doing keeping it in the front of your mind?




On the Table Tuesday

So yes- another week of watercolors, playing and doodling… but so loving the results even more. So fun to just play… and I have been getting almost one a day done too- quick and easy. 🙂 I have almost filled my landscape pad. Need to be thinking of what to doodle in next! (It’s only 12 pages and I am pretty sure I pulled one out already- so 11 isn’t really too many! It’ll be a fun reminder of all the fun I have been having with it!)

So without further ado… a whole bunch of watercolor playing! (All in my 6X12 Strathmore watercolor landscape pad.)

Pretty flower- Didn't think this needed any doodling. My first time using white....

Pretty flower- Didn’t think this needed any doodling. My first time using white…. mixed a little yellow over it. 

Half and half a heart...

Half and half a heart…

Just a fun playful one...

Just a fun playful one…

Sun Fire (I used black! Need to use it more!)

Sun Fire (I used black! Need to use it more!)

The Big Fish!

The Big Fish!

So there we go… fun times and happy painting! I am in pursuit of a little extra cash in the budget to get a few more either watercolor paints themselves or a fuller set of watercolor crayons… haven’t decided. 🙂

What are you working on?


Still Having Too Much Fun

I have given up my stupid phone games and replaced them with the watercolor crayons, water brush and a few markers! (Well most of the time anyway!) And I am enjoying my artsy-fartsy freedom. The sketchbook(s) are getting full and I just don’t care if they are works of “ART” or just learning fun.

HOWEVER- I am getting better… at least I think so! LOL It was is really hard to do some of this and show it to you- because I am really NOT that good at it. I am good at collage and paint and that kind of art- but art that involves drawing… well I am just not! LOL And it has been painful for me to show you this stuff because I am just not that proud of it. (However, some of this stuff in the post tonight- I like! I really like! LOL)

Sketching page- sun/flower... whatever! LOL

Sketching page- sun/flower… whatever! LOL

BUT- here for example- this flower? When it was a sketch? I took a picture of it and texted it to my sister. (You know- the sister the artist who can draw…) I asked “What do I have to do to make this look like a ball of fire?” Her response- “Add Flames!” LOL I thought those WERE flames! LOL FRAK! But I do think it turned into a lovely lily… When I sent her THIS version? She texted back “My man thinks it looks like the sun!” LOL UGH!!!!

But here- I think I redeemed myself with THIS sun! I find I am liking the bright colors, but since I have always loved a bit of a grunge look- I started this page by simply cleaning off my brush on the page with all different colors- there is some blue, some purple, some pink etc… then I sketched in pencil the sun, colored it in with the watercolor and then doodled and outlined the flames and just generally enjoyed myself- painting late into the night one night when my husband was out-of-town.

photo 2 copy 2



BUT- THIS painting? It was my first that I did not sketch anything first- but just used my new watercolor paints (not the crayons) and just played and learned how to use the paint and the new brushes I got. (Didn’t even use the water brushes on this one!) Once I was done painting, I took the paint pen and my PITT pens and added details. I added a quote into the bark- hoping it kind of looked like bark and yes was a quote too.. See how clever I am! LOL

photo 2 copy 3

Watercolor Tree

Watercolor Tree

(I kind of wish I had thrown in a little more of that blue stripe like color across the whole thing- not just the left side. But hey- I am learning right?! That is actually what inspired me to do the colors on the sun before hand, so it served some purpose!)

I have 3-4 new works in my sketch book right now too. (Two and a half I did just today! Brought my sketch book to the coffee-house instead of my laptop! THAT was therapy!) However, I want to add some quotes and maybe a few more doodles before I show you all… but seriously- this is fun.

One thing I have really noticed is how easy it is to blend colors. I am not that good at blending colors when they are acrylic… heck since I cannot draw- I cannot paint drawing either ya know? But bending water colors is fun… red hearts can be lighter and orangey in the center- and flowers can have white centers that gradually turn purple on the edges… THAT is fun! LOL

WOW- could I have said  typed the word FUN more times in this post? LOL But for real!!!

What new discovery have you been having FUN with lately? I know there is something…. 🙂

Doodling is the Theme These Days

Another fun doodle… this is in my big 14X17 sketch pad. I used my Big Marker set with a TON of colors instead of water colors or my good PITT pens. (Didn’t think I wanted to use them for this big of a coloring job!)

Just sat in my bed on Sunday afternoon watching random TV and playing… 🙂 Oh the joy of it all! butterflyI know I am not showing you all my “best work” these days. Or even the work I am most proud of or will show off for years to come… but these pieces are all part of the process. I am exploring and learning new things and just relaxing about it all, not worrying if it is super good or not… just playing.. and that is worth the time and energy!

What about you? Are you playing with new mediums and ideas? Are you enjoying the process or stressing the results?


On the Table Tuesday

So what are you working on these days? I am still playing with watercolors and doodling… and still being inspired by Tracy to do it!

I came to art late in my life but I have always been surrounded by it with my sister and my mom was a super crafty person too- so we always had something creative going on at our house! But here is the thing… I cannot draw. I seriously cannot. I am learning- but I will never be a drawing artist. However- I do feel like the drawing and doodling that I am learning to do and embrace and love- will help enhance all my other art forms- if for only my creative process and an embellishment here and there.

My sister… now my SISTER is an artist too. The difference is? She is GOOD! LOL She has been an artist her whole life. She went to art school in NYC. She can draw and paint and sculpt and knows how to use more mediums than I even know exist. SHE can draw. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/jessica-murray.html?tab=artworkgalleries This is her gallery. She is really getting to be a really great photographer too- which has always been MY arena. But then again I am getting to be pretty good in mixed media, which used to be HER area! LOL

I love to call her now and ask… so how do I do this? And I tried this- but… and talk “shop.” It’s really kind of fun. We have found another thing that we have in common that binds us even closer together. COOL! 🙂

So without regard to the fact that you just saw her amazing drawings and sketches and I am about to show you my cartoonish crazy doodles… THIS is what is on my Art Desk this week! 🙂 Doodles and watercolors!

HA! This is the worst- but I am working on it. MUST make the yellow less bright!

HA! This is the worst- but I am working on it. MUST make the yellow less bright! Not finished yet.

What I love about this yellow bird picture is the brown leafs along the bottom. I know odd right? But they are done free hand with the watercolor paints- not doodled first- and I just love the way they came out. I did them first on the one below- to the right on the turquoise flower. I don’t know- but it is something I just liked! 🙂

I like this. I did the background before I did the other stuff on this one.

I like this. I did the background before I did the other stuff on this one.

I love learning how the watercolor shows up. How to use water to make it light or dark or to blend it in… it is fun to just see and play and try without really worrying about if this is going to be a piece I want to hang on my wall or not…

I pinned a few “block” style pictures to get some inspiration from (and then Tracy did some on her page- making me totally jealous! LOL) I also have a few butterflies started… I am sure you will see them all soon enough! 🙂

So what are you working on? What is inspiring you? Are you brave enough to just play and not worry? (I mean look at that yellow bird for goodness sake!)

ENJOY the process!


These are my new watercolors. LOVE!

These are my new watercolors. LOVE!

On the Table Tuesday

Oh how much fun I have been having. Thankfully my schedule has been totally flexible and allows me to spend some time creating and on top of that I have been making more purposeful room for it… The other day I had three appointments and between two of them I had almost two hours- so I hung out at one of my favorite coffee shops, turned on Netflix on my iPad and spent some time drawing… oh yeah! (Totally left my work at home, no laptop nada… it was sooo nice!)

Art & Me time!

Art & Me time!

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

Close up

Close up

The other day I promised to post a piece I did that was NOT watercolors! LOL This is an 8X10 canvas board, acrylic paints, Signo White pen, black paint marker, white sharpie paint marker, silver paint marker and I painted the background with baby wipes! (A la Tracy W <wink>)

This was fun to do...

This was fun to do…

And this guy? He took a few days… started the sketch early last week but didn’t finish until today. Just wasn’t inspired after I did a few scales… but last night I went to town and really enjoyed the details. When I showed my husband my progress- back when the scales were only greens/blues… he said “oh Why are you doing that fish again?” I was a little confused… then he explained “Didn’t you do that one already all browns and golds?” LOL uhm.. No! But thanks for the idea to add gold to complete this one! (Still pretty funny that he swears he saw this one finished already before it actually was. I guess leaving it out on the table to see as you walk by every time- yes my art table is back in the living room!- causes him to SEE creative things himself!)

Here Fishy Fishy

Here Fishy Fishy

So obviously- still having fun with watercolors- got a new 24 color set of Grumbacher’s water colors… love them! The fish is actually a shiney almost sparkly gold… there is a silver and a champagne in the set too! Too cool! Can’t wait to have more fun with that!

What’s on your table this week?

Watercolors and Doodles

I have been playing with something totally new to me… Watercolors and Doodling! I have been on that website again- you know- the one I post about all the time! LOL Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. The Facebook page- where are the lovely ladies are always inspiring me. I also have been back doing my Brave Girl Art Classes. (I am signed up for both Art School 1 & 2 and what fun!)

Anyway- I just played around with this first one- crooked buildings! LOL Then I colored in the buildings with watercolor crayons. It was easy, relaxing and a good learning experience.


Watercolor Crayons before the water...

Watercolor Crayons before the water…

With water... so bright!

With water… so bright!

Closer up

Closer up


So then- as I was realizing that I am truly enjoying this fun play process- Tracy and Co have been doodling more and more and even taking their “gear” on the road. It made me realize that instead of playing on my phone or reading a book when I am on the bus or waiting for an appointment- I could play too.

So with that end in mind- I grabbed my PITT Pens, my watercolor crayons, a pencil and an eraser and headed out. It took me a few days of playing with it on and off before I ended up with this! I LOVE IT! (I have to admit- at the end I added regular watercolors for the background- I mean I bought them- so I should use them right?! LOL)

Day 1- Mostly done on the bus and waiting for the Chiro...

Day 1- Mostly done on the bus and waiting for the Chiro…

Stage 2- bit more details...done in bed watching the news- LOL

Stage 2- bit more details…done in bed watching the news- LOL

Just about done! All I need to do is add the water!

Just about done! All I need to do is add the water!





I just love the way the colors get so bright and fun! This was a lot of work- but it was fun and I enjoyed the process. So much so that I asked a lot of questions from Tracy and the gals and well.. then I went to the art store… (Did I mention that it is only 5 blocks from my place? Dangerously close and easy to walk to!)

And well, look at my haul! Watercolors, white pens to doodle on top with, PITT Pens in lovely bright colors, a landscape pad, a circle template for flower making and a bunch of paint brushes, including water pens! OH I can’t wait for the fun!

The "goodies!"

The “goodies!”

What new techniques or products are you trying or being inspired by?