Mixed Media Monday- Monthly Dare

Can you believe it is only the middle of the month- but I have not only ONE but a couple of entries for this month’s Dare!? YAY! Here is a link to the Dare for August! (My birthday month! YAY!)  http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/2013/08/august-2013-creative-dare-let-it-go.html 

Pick a quote (Ok so I used only a single word on one- but it seemed to fit and a song on the other! LOL) and do a piece in less than 90 minutes. Now full disclosure, it doesn’t usually take me much longer than that to do a piece in any of my regular journals for a normal painting.  (The 14X17 is a bit different but I haven’t broken that out in ages!) So that is why I already have two pieces to add to the entries! YAY! I might add at least two more before the end of the month- sure would be cool to win a prize! LOL However- it is so fun to just be creative and be inspired by the group of ladies in the MMM group- that I am thrilled with just completing the Dare!

I got my new Grumbacher Opaque Watercolors the other day- another recommendation from Tracy! And I love them! I played with them for the first time in this piece here. This song had been in my head for days- it was something I needed to hear for a few days- so I thought it would be proper to memorialize it on a journal page- AND play with my water colors while I was at it. I really wanted to see what working from a black background was like. I really need to play with it more to get it as dark as I would like… but it was a fun experiment and in the end I actually kind of like the way it came out! LOL

Fun on black background

Fun on black background

I love the way the gold and the champagne like color work together on the wings- and the white Signo pen outlining everything! I actually started the word Rejoice with silver then painted over it with gold once I did gold wings. Fun experiment!

I love the colors on this next one- (hmm now that I look at it- I can see a theme emerging here with these two pieces!) again- this was practicing with my new watercolor set. This was fun too!



Close up- I love the gold Signo pen too... not just the white one...

Close up- I love the gold Signo pen too… not just the white one…

These are the two I have completed for the Dare (So far!) As always- totally fun to create inspired by MMM and Tracy!!!


Another DARE Completed!

I know I have mentioned that I LOVE the Mixed Media Monday FB group I am on! Tracy and all the ladies there are just awesome!!! This month’s DARE on Tracy’s Blog is here: http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/2013/05/may-2013-creative-dare-dear-me.html

“Your Creative Dare is to write a letter to you.  Write a letter to the infant you, toddler you, teenager you, etc.  

Think back to how far you have come and not where you wish you were.  Give yourself praise for the path you have taken. “

This was really hard for me. There is a lot going on in my life- and I just didn’t feel like I had it in me to go THAT deep and try to explain some of this to a younger me. So I was just not going to do this challenge at all and just enjoy the Monday classes and not worry.

Then a few days ago- I saw a sign in a cute little boutique shop I like to browse in occasionally. It had a short message in small type print on a larger image… I thought.. Hmmm I could do something brief like that! And the idea was born. I thought about what the short message would be on the bus that day and then finally LAST NIGHT (I swear I ALWAYS do these challenges like the night before they are due!) I whipped out the page. And I really like how it turned out!

Dear Me

Dear Me

I cut the man and woman images from an advertisement brochure that came from the St. Paul Opera! (I used am image from there on my last DARE too… It has been a great clip art source!) The background is just two pieces of old scrapbook paper I had lying around. (I have a lot of that!) And then I dug into my embellishment box and came up with the rest of the goodies.

So there it is! My May Dare Challenge. Thank you Tracy for helping me to get at least ONE more page into my journal! 🙂


On the Table Tuesday

And April Dare!

Every Monday night- great Mixed Media fun happens- brought to us by Tracy Weinzapfel http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/ Each month she has a DARE for us… I am getting mine in JUST under the wire! (It’s due by today!) I loved the idea of it- I just didn’t have as much art time recently as I liked- and you saw my On the Table from previous weeks- it was a BIG canvas (which is just temporarily off the table so I could work on this journal page!)

I am...

I am…

The DARE for April was to journal 5 Words that you want to be remembered by. I easily came up with 3- but asked my sweet husband for some ideas for the other two. (I had ideas, but narrowing them down was an issue- so I figured the ones he came up with that were the same as mine- were GOLD!)

I do like this size- I have a lot of fun and was able to make this in one evening- while my DH watched hockey playoffs! 🙂

Thanks Tracy and everyone on the Facebook page for the inspiration! There were sooo many amazing entries this month! They made me HAVE to get to the table tonight to do mine too!