I Have Been Creative, Honestly!

It hasn’t really been doing my mixed media or painting and doodling- but it’s still creative. I have started to scrapbook again! Only instead of traditional 12X12 or 8X8 or whatever- layouts, I am scrapping Project Life style. They call it “Pocket Scrapping.”

Not as “creative” as my 12X12 pages but still has enough creativity to make me feel good about doing it and since it goes more quickly- I am actually DOING it and documenting our life!

Example of two pages

Example of two pages


The single views of that two-pager.

The single views of that two-pager.

I really am enjoying this outlet and it goes quickly. Yet- even without all the details and creative process of my old style of scrapping- I love having the days of our life documented!

I use this iPhone app called COLLECT to do my daily photos- then I have them printed out 3X4 along with as many extra photos as I like. If they don’t fit into the week- I do like I did in the above pages- that is the last week of January and a page of the random photos I had left for January. 🙂 About to work on my random photo page for Feb this weekend!

I also have done a few pages that are not “day/week” themed. They are more around an event or thought. They came together pretty easily too. The first one is the night The Girl and I went to the theater and the second one is Valentine’s day weekend.



Seriously- it’s a ton of fun! I won’t give up traditional scrapping on occasion- but this is working really well.  I actually did our whole honeymoon album this style but I really didn’t understand it that well so I didn’t really do any smaller photos- so it’s not as creative- but it really got me started!

Here are a few more before I go…








Are you a scrapbooker? Do you scrap traditional? Or Pocket style?

Don’t worry I won’t give up my Art- I have just been enjoying this low key way to document our life.

I did just buy an awesome creative lesson book on lettering- so be prepared to see some of my efforts in that line soon!




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