My husband really likes this one (which is so fun!) and so do I. It was nice to just sit down on a weekend and do some creating!



I started it with just a light watercolor background… I knew it would not stay all bright and cheery (not that many of my pieces are bright!) I made the background in the middle of the week- actually did it on the bus on my way running a few errands last week. (Gotta love water brushes and watercolor crayons!)

Then the other night- I woke up around 2am and couldn’t fall back asleep- so at 3am I decided to just get up and work on this piece. I had been thinking about it while I was trying to sleep! LOL So with some yummy leftovers (why was I HUNGRY at 3am?!) and Jimmy Fallon on the DVR I added the branches and then the molding paste to the bird stencil and voila!

photo 1 photo 2


So yesterday all I had to do was to “grunge” it up a little. I didn’t use any paintbrushes (Well except for the white lines in the corners at the very end!) Thanks Tracy W for showing us the “baby-wipes” painting technique! I used baby wipes, and that small piece of bubble wrap and lots of smaller movements to get the color I wanted… I even employed my own body parts! (Just a finger! What were YOU thinking?!) The final step was gluing the piece of twine I found in my “box of goodies” to make the branches have more texture. 🙂


Supplies! (Totally going crazy using that stamp on everything these days!) 

And again- here is the finished product… Just enjoying the process… Already have an idea- it’s an old one resurfaced- for my next piece. It’s kind of large- so it could be a while in the making! We’ll see!

Finished Product!

Finished Product!


Did you create this weekend?


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