Word of the Year- One Little Word

So- I know it’s already February… but hey! Cut a girl some slack…  So I have done One Little Word every year for quite a while. I started with my scrapbooking and as my art has evolved- so have my Word of the Year projects… One year it was just the word- cut out with my Cricut- and taped to the bathroom mirror! But hey- it got the job done! If you are not familiar with One Little Word- here is a link- http://aliedwards.com/blog/one-little-word

So- my word? EMBRACE! There is so many things I want to embrace this year- the journey- all the good all the bad and the path I am on!

So here is the project I created to remind me to EMBRACE my life in 2014!

IMG_1268 IMG_1269

I love using my Gelli Plate- even when the size is smaller than the canvas- you can make it all work out. So the background is gelli plate, baby wipe painting and copper ink and stamps.

IMG_1334 IMG_1335 IMG_1336Then I tore up pieces of paper to create the body of the bird and collaged them on the board, added bling and a few doodles- the word- and called it done!

Do you pick a word of your year? How are you doing keeping it in the front of your mind?




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