Getting Back into the Swing of Things

YAY! I am back.. I have been creating again. Boy I hate those times when I just am not feeling it. Of course, all the life stressors will sometimes sap your “mojo” but I know that creating through it usually keeps me sane… I will do better! I promise! LOL

So this was my first project of the new year- I JUST realized I didn’t post it yet! (What a slacker!)



I totally just grabbed a piece of cardboard, leftover from some Christmas packaging and started painting! I wish I had taken a photo of the first version. It was bright yellow and green and looked like a kindergartener had made it! LOL

I left it sitting there overnight and the next day went in and “grunged” it up! Now- I love it! I LOVE LOVE my Sakura white, gold and black pens!

Closer up!

Closer up!

I used this cross-hatch stamp that I got YEARS and YEARS ago? Do any of you remember the scrapbook club.. Club Scrap? This cross-hatch stamp is from way back then! Boy did I LOVE getting those big “pizza boxes” of goodies! Would you believe I still have at least one that I keep paper in to this day??

Are you getting creative?


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