Happily I Collage Away!

I am still doing some watercolor doodling and fiddling- especially when I am out and about and will have time between appointments and I won’t be somewhere where I can connect to the net and do some work. I love it as a quick way to get my creative time in!

My real love though- is mixed media and collaging etc. I think I am better at this too and I truly enjoy it. So here is what I have been working on lately…

This first one is in my sketch pad. Do you watch Downtown Abby? I LOVE the Dowager Duchess character! This is one of her quotes. I fell in love with the quote first- then created the page around it. I looked all over online for an image to use and ended up with this paper doll cutout! Sweet! I used a gelli plate with some clock pieces stamps on it for the background. The plate is smaller than the pad so I used masking tape around the edges and covered it with paint using bubble wrap for texture. I used Sharpie paint pens to do the lettering and added little sparkling touches with Stickles.

Dowager Duchess Quote

Dowager Duchess Quote

I made this one for my husband who asked for a piece for his office. (I love that he loved my work enough to want some at his office!) It is an 11X14 canvas. I painted the background with a baby wipe then collaged scrapbook papers all around the edges. I added a few images of old-fashioned photographs with couples on them into the collaged papers… and tore one of the book papers into a heart and outlined it with dried peas. 🙂 The couple is a cutout I had from a class I took and I cut out various papers to fit the shape. Lastly- I added the quote. I love to print on watercolor paper and cut them out for these types of pieces. I think the weight and texture really works.

I am addicted...

I am addicted…

This last piece is not a collage like the others above. It is way brighter and way more fun! LOL It is an 8X10 piece of wood. Thought I would try something new. I cut out the pieces of the flower from fabric remnants around the house. (Bottom of the curtain in my step-sons room and one of my husband’s old shirts!) I like the quote. I think it fits the image. I like that some of the doodling that I have been doing with the water colors has come into play in my “regular art.”



Now that The Boy has moved away and started college, we have room in our spare room. I closed my health coaching office and I have extra furniture- it seems like a good match! The problem is- with all that stuff AND my art stuff/table, there still doesn’t seem to be enough room! LOL But for now- it works… so instead of having all my art stuff in the living room- I have been trying to keep it all in here and working on it. It’s not as much fun as working in the middle of the activity of the house- and we still have not worked on our books together in there yet- but I think it will work for us for a while! I need to put up the three canvases my BFF and I made when I first moved here- they will be in that big blank area on the wall right there!

New Art Space

New Art Space

So that is it for now… Hope you are enjoying your creative time!! Keep on, keepin’ on!



2 thoughts on “Happily I Collage Away!

  1. Love seeing all the different sides of your art. I think each pieces expresses just what you were looking to express. I am going to have to use that quote from Dowtown Abby! Perfect for a teen. 😉

    Kudos to Guy for wanting a piece for his office!!!

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