What a Lucky Girl!

So this past weekend- my husband gave me display shelves!! He is such a lover! I asked him if we could get shelves… he reminded me I wanted them until we finally got to Target to pick them up. Then when we were spending the day getting chores done-  he suggested we add putting up the shelves to the to-do list… YAY!

My Art Displayed!

My Art Displayed!

I love the way it looks. Our place is not that big- but this is perfect for the space and I will be able to rearrange the work as I need to and be able to keep the most current stuff displayed on the wall. I love that not only do I think that it looks perfect for the spot in our home, but that my husband loves to walk through the room and see my work displayed, as much as I do!

The problem was- I have one big piece; 20X24, and I didn’t want to leave that much room in the shelving. So I was kind of trying to figure out how to manage to display that piece (also knowing that I have 3 more blank canvases this size waiting to be worked on!) So I was talking to him about how we would figure this out… and he came up with the perfect solution! He removed this awesome clock I have in the kitchen/dining room (It looks good, but it stopped working!) and he put up my canvas. VOILA! Instant display space!

Big Canvas Display

Big Canvas Display

So now not only is my photography displayed throughout the house, but my painting and mixed media stuff is too! FUN! (Yes, both the large photographs in these pictures are my work as well.) I am so thrilled to have this taken care of and on display!

This past weekend, on a whim, I invited my girlfriend who was coming over with her man to spend some time on Sunday for dinner and pre-season football, to work on some art with me… maybe instead of watching football. I love football, but she is not a huge fan and I just thought for some reason she might enjoy doing some art. She is the most positive, loving and sweet gal… she just seemed like she needed ART in her life! LOL So we created together… I just love sharing my art and the freedom to play and enjoy the creative process with the people in my life. She loved it too! Look at her AMAZING piece!

J's amazing piece!

J’s amazing piece!

She left me a “love note” of my own before she went home that evening….

Love Note!

Love Note!

So, as you can see, like the title of this post says… I am a lucky girl! I have art in my life, my amazing husband and I have really great friends! SCORE!



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