Mixed Media Monday- Monthly Dare

Can you believe it is only the middle of the month- but I have not only ONE but a couple of entries for this month’s Dare!? YAY! Here is a link to the Dare for August! (My birthday month! YAY!)  http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/2013/08/august-2013-creative-dare-let-it-go.html 

Pick a quote (Ok so I used only a single word on one- but it seemed to fit and a song on the other! LOL) and do a piece in less than 90 minutes. Now full disclosure, it doesn’t usually take me much longer than that to do a piece in any of my regular journals for a normal painting.  (The 14X17 is a bit different but I haven’t broken that out in ages!) So that is why I already have two pieces to add to the entries! YAY! I might add at least two more before the end of the month- sure would be cool to win a prize! LOL However- it is so fun to just be creative and be inspired by the group of ladies in the MMM group- that I am thrilled with just completing the Dare!

I got my new Grumbacher Opaque Watercolors the other day- another recommendation from Tracy! And I love them! I played with them for the first time in this piece here. This song had been in my head for days- it was something I needed to hear for a few days- so I thought it would be proper to memorialize it on a journal page- AND play with my water colors while I was at it. I really wanted to see what working from a black background was like. I really need to play with it more to get it as dark as I would like… but it was a fun experiment and in the end I actually kind of like the way it came out! LOL

Fun on black background

Fun on black background

I love the way the gold and the champagne like color work together on the wings- and the white Signo pen outlining everything! I actually started the word Rejoice with silver then painted over it with gold once I did gold wings. Fun experiment!

I love the colors on this next one- (hmm now that I look at it- I can see a theme emerging here with these two pieces!) again- this was practicing with my new watercolor set. This was fun too!



Close up- I love the gold Signo pen too... not just the white one...

Close up- I love the gold Signo pen too… not just the white one…

These are the two I have completed for the Dare (So far!) As always- totally fun to create inspired by MMM and Tracy!!!


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