On the Table Tuesday

I spent a long time making this post yesterday and scheduled it for today… and it is gone! DANG IT!!

Here is what I have been working on… I am STILL loving painting and doodling with the watercolors! It is a ton of fun and very easy to just go with the flow when working on them. I got a new 24 color set of Grumbacher watercolors… so I played with them a bit this week too! YAY ME! New stuff is fun!!

I have been so blessed to have some flexibility in my schedule these days. This kind of schedule doesn’t happen for me often- so I wanted to be sure I took advantage of this time and did some creating! The other day I had a few hours in between appointments… so I took my time- brought my stuff and my iPad to my favorite local coffee shop. I drew flowers, watched Netflix and totally enjoyed my time!

Art & Me time!

Art & Me time!

This is the piece I started in that coffee shop and finished once I got home that afternoon and evening. I really love the way it came out and I love the Signo pens (Gold and White) for outlining. This is one of my new favorite pieces! I think I need to learn to do these watercolors on canvas or something so I can put them up on the shelf/wall.

Close up

Close up

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

These little guys were fun and quick to create. I wanted to play with the browns and tans that I don’t usually use.

Fun and quick...

Fun and quick…

I started this next one- then after painting just a few scales left it out on the table and didn’t work on it again for a few days. When I was working on it this time- I showed it to my husband- in progress- and he said… “Oh, why are you doing that fish again? You already did one like that in all browns and golds.” I DID? LOL I guess leaving it out on the table allowed him to fill in the colors in his imagination! LOL Thank you sweetie for the idea to add the tan and use gold for the tail and head! FUN! I love the outlining on this too- just gave it a little more dimension. Fun! I didn’t have any words or quotes to add- I didn’t think he needed anything else.

Here Fishy Fishy

Here Fishy Fishy

The other day when I posted- I promised to share the piece I had done that was NOT watercolor. So here it is! I LOVE IT! I painted the background with baby wipes a la Tracy W, and used acrylic paints. I used paint pens for the details. This was a lot of fun too and I think I might hang this one up in the house too!

This was fun to do...

This was fun to do…




So- this has been a very fulfilling and artsy month and a half.. and I am loving every minute of it!

What have you been working on?



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