On the Table Tuesday

So yes- another week of watercolors, playing and doodling… but so loving the results even more. So fun to just play… and I have been getting almost one a day done too- quick and easy. 🙂 I have almost filled my landscape pad. Need to be thinking of what to doodle in next! (It’s only 12 pages and I am pretty sure I pulled one out already- so 11 isn’t really too many! It’ll be a fun reminder of all the fun I have been having with it!)

So without further ado… a whole bunch of watercolor playing! (All in my 6X12 Strathmore watercolor landscape pad.)

Pretty flower- Didn't think this needed any doodling. My first time using white....

Pretty flower- Didn’t think this needed any doodling. My first time using white…. mixed a little yellow over it. 

Half and half a heart...

Half and half a heart…

Just a fun playful one...

Just a fun playful one…

Sun Fire (I used black! Need to use it more!)

Sun Fire (I used black! Need to use it more!)

The Big Fish!

The Big Fish!

So there we go… fun times and happy painting! I am in pursuit of a little extra cash in the budget to get a few more either watercolor paints themselves or a fuller set of watercolor crayons… haven’t decided. 🙂

What are you working on?



4 thoughts on “On the Table Tuesday

  1. They’re all so pretty. I love the colors and the lined. The use of black and white as highlights are lovely. I haven’t been working on anything of my own this week but have been busy, busy, busy with Vacation Bible Camp. I did just get some new supplies, including some white pens (which are new for me) so I can’t wait to try them out when VBC is done on Friday.

    • OH I love my new white pen.. Signo Uniball… and I am loving the fine tip white Sharpie Paint Pen too… Might get a few more of those with different tips! ENJOY your creating once VBC is over… you will deserve it!


  2. Hello!
    Yay watercolors! So pretty! I don’t use watercolors yet, but I’ve been messing around with my Neocolor crayons and Inktense pencils. So vibrant and fun to play with. Someday I might end up getting the bulk sets, but at the opportunity of a good coupon. Crossing my fingers for 40 or 50% off.

    • I have thought about getting some watercolor pencils… That might be a whole new world opening up.. I can see them being great for smaller details… Hmmmm Like I don’t have enough things on my wish-list! LOL


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