Still Having Too Much Fun

I have given up my stupid phone games and replaced them with the watercolor crayons, water brush and a few markers! (Well most of the time anyway!) And I am enjoying my artsy-fartsy freedom. The sketchbook(s) are getting full and I just don’t care if they are works of “ART” or just learning fun.

HOWEVER- I am getting better… at least I think so! LOL It was is really hard to do some of this and show it to you- because I am really NOT that good at it. I am good at collage and paint and that kind of art- but art that involves drawing… well I am just not! LOL And it has been painful for me to show you this stuff because I am just not that proud of it. (However, some of this stuff in the post tonight- I like! I really like! LOL)

Sketching page- sun/flower... whatever! LOL

Sketching page- sun/flower… whatever! LOL

BUT- here for example- this flower? When it was a sketch? I took a picture of it and texted it to my sister. (You know- the sister the artist who can draw…) I asked “What do I have to do to make this look like a ball of fire?” Her response- “Add Flames!” LOL I thought those WERE flames! LOL FRAK! But I do think it turned into a lovely lily… When I sent her THIS version? She texted back “My man thinks it looks like the sun!” LOL UGH!!!!

But here- I think I redeemed myself with THIS sun! I find I am liking the bright colors, but since I have always loved a bit of a grunge look- I started this page by simply cleaning off my brush on the page with all different colors- there is some blue, some purple, some pink etc… then I sketched in pencil the sun, colored it in with the watercolor and then doodled and outlined the flames and just generally enjoyed myself- painting late into the night one night when my husband was out-of-town.

photo 2 copy 2



BUT- THIS painting? It was my first that I did not sketch anything first- but just used my new watercolor paints (not the crayons) and just played and learned how to use the paint and the new brushes I got. (Didn’t even use the water brushes on this one!) Once I was done painting, I took the paint pen and my PITT pens and added details. I added a quote into the bark- hoping it kind of looked like bark and yes was a quote too.. See how clever I am! LOL

photo 2 copy 3

Watercolor Tree

Watercolor Tree

(I kind of wish I had thrown in a little more of that blue stripe like color across the whole thing- not just the left side. But hey- I am learning right?! That is actually what inspired me to do the colors on the sun before hand, so it served some purpose!)

I have 3-4 new works in my sketch book right now too. (Two and a half I did just today! Brought my sketch book to the coffee-house instead of my laptop! THAT was therapy!) However, I want to add some quotes and maybe a few more doodles before I show you all… but seriously- this is fun.

One thing I have really noticed is how easy it is to blend colors. I am not that good at blending colors when they are acrylic… heck since I cannot draw- I cannot paint drawing either ya know? But bending water colors is fun… red hearts can be lighter and orangey in the center- and flowers can have white centers that gradually turn purple on the edges… THAT is fun! LOL

WOW- could I have said  typed the word FUN more times in this post? LOL But for real!!!

What new discovery have you been having FUN with lately? I know there is something…. 🙂


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