Doodling is the Theme These Days

Another fun doodle… this is in my big 14X17 sketch pad. I used my Big Marker set with a TON of colors instead of water colors or my good PITT pens. (Didn’t think I wanted to use them for this big of a coloring job!)

Just sat in my bed on Sunday afternoon watching random TV and playing… 🙂 Oh the joy of it all! butterflyI know I am not showing you all my “best work” these days. Or even the work I am most proud of or will show off for years to come… but these pieces are all part of the process. I am exploring and learning new things and just relaxing about it all, not worrying if it is super good or not… just playing.. and that is worth the time and energy!

What about you? Are you playing with new mediums and ideas? Are you enjoying the process or stressing the results?



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