On the Table Tuesday

Oh how much fun I have been having. Thankfully my schedule has been totally flexible and allows me to spend some time creating and on top of that I have been making more purposeful room for it… The other day I had three appointments and between two of them I had almost two hours- so I hung out at one of my favorite coffee shops, turned on Netflix on my iPad and spent some time drawing… oh yeah! (Totally left my work at home, no laptop nada… it was sooo nice!)

Art & Me time!

Art & Me time!

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

This is the piece I started in the coffee shop.

Close up

Close up

The other day I promised to post a piece I did that was NOT watercolors! LOL This is an 8X10 canvas board, acrylic paints, Signo White pen, black paint marker, white sharpie paint marker, silver paint marker and I painted the background with baby wipes! (A la Tracy W <wink>)

This was fun to do...

This was fun to do…

And this guy? He took a few days… started the sketch early last week but didn’t finish until today. Just wasn’t inspired after I did a few scales… but last night I went to town and really enjoyed the details. When I showed my husband my progress- back when the scales were only greens/blues… he said “oh Why are you doing that fish again?” I was a little confused… then he explained “Didn’t you do that one already all browns and golds?” LOL uhm.. No! But thanks for the idea to add gold to complete this one! (Still pretty funny that he swears he saw this one finished already before it actually was. I guess leaving it out on the table to see as you walk by every time- yes my art table is back in the living room!- causes him to SEE creative things himself!)

Here Fishy Fishy

Here Fishy Fishy

So obviously- still having fun with watercolors- got a new 24 color set of Grumbacher’s water colors… love them! The fish is actually a shiney almost sparkly gold… there is a silver and a champagne in the set too! Too cool! Can’t wait to have more fun with that!

What’s on your table this week?


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