Watercolors and Doodles

I have been playing with something totally new to me… Watercolors and Doodling! I have been on that website again- you know- the one I post about all the time! LOL Tracy Weinzapfel Studios. The Facebook page- where are the lovely ladies are always inspiring me. I also have been back doing my Brave Girl Art Classes. (I am signed up for both Art School 1 & 2 and what fun!)

Anyway- I just played around with this first one- crooked buildings! LOL Then I colored in the buildings with watercolor crayons. It was easy, relaxing and a good learning experience.


Watercolor Crayons before the water...

Watercolor Crayons before the water…

With water... so bright!

With water… so bright!

Closer up

Closer up


So then- as I was realizing that I am truly enjoying this fun play process- Tracy and Co have been doodling more and more and even taking their “gear” on the road. It made me realize that instead of playing on my phone or reading a book when I am on the bus or waiting for an appointment- I could play too.

So with that end in mind- I grabbed my PITT Pens, my watercolor crayons, a pencil and an eraser and headed out. It took me a few days of playing with it on and off before I ended up with this! I LOVE IT! (I have to admit- at the end I added regular watercolors for the background- I mean I bought them- so I should use them right?! LOL)

Day 1- Mostly done on the bus and waiting for the Chiro...

Day 1- Mostly done on the bus and waiting for the Chiro…

Stage 2- bit more details...done in bed watching the news- LOL

Stage 2- bit more details…done in bed watching the news- LOL

Just about done! All I need to do is add the water!

Just about done! All I need to do is add the water!





I just love the way the colors get so bright and fun! This was a lot of work- but it was fun and I enjoyed the process. So much so that I asked a lot of questions from Tracy and the gals and well.. then I went to the art store… (Did I mention that it is only 5 blocks from my place? Dangerously close and easy to walk to!)

And well, look at my haul! Watercolors, white pens to doodle on top with, PITT Pens in lovely bright colors, a landscape pad, a circle template for flower making and a bunch of paint brushes, including water pens! OH I can’t wait for the fun!

The "goodies!"

The “goodies!”

What new techniques or products are you trying or being inspired by?


9 thoughts on “Watercolors and Doodles

  1. LOVE the journaling page with the bird on it, it’s awesome!! You should take your pad with you more often! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

    • I got that landscape pad to be able to take it all with me even more easily than the bigger one. Plus landscape is a funky shape and hopefully will keep the mojo flowing a little more! 🙂 I did a page in it tonight! 🙂 THANKS!

  2. I really liked seeing the process. I love the colors. I doodled some buildings awhile back. I might go back and add water colors. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Oh you are so welcome! The ladies inspire me- so if I can inspire someone else! Can’t wait to see what you end up with!

  3. It’s lovely to see how bright the colours became when you added the water. I’m excited to see your new supplies & look forward to seeing what you’re going to make with them – what do you do with Aquash brushes?

    • You use the aqua brushes to watercolor. You have water in the brush so you don’t have to dip it in the water to work. I am trying both those and the regular brushes to try to see which I like better… it’s hard to tell yet because I am so new to this whole thing… 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words!

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