Just a Little Something…

So I have not been creative lately. Seriously missing the art in my life… but with vacation and other things it has been difficult to fit in. I will make sure I will do it soon.

In the meantime- since I usually post what’s on my table on Tuesdays… I was thinking I could post something I haven’t shown you yet.

Butterfly 1

Butterfly 1

This was one of my first attempts with the gelli plate. I used it on the background… and I LOVE the effect! It makes the background very nice- better than just straight painting it. (This is an 8X10 black canvas. It is also the first time I have used one of those.) After I painted it- I used a glue gun to outline the whole thing- and used silver metallic rub-ons on the glue to accent it.

This was a fun quick and relatively simple canvas. But it was fun to create and try new techniques. between the gelli plate and using the glue gun.. I really love the result. I just need to seal it with decoupage and I think it will make its way to my BFF who really loves butterflies!

Thanks for checking it out. Now to figure out how to fit in some art this week!! 🙂 Have a project that is SOOO waiting to be finished!


What is on YOUR table this week??? Link it back to here in your comment- I’d love to see!



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