On the Table Tuesday

Well- I didn’t have a lot of creating time this week- but I needed to send a few cards- so I popped over to the table and made them! A Birthday card (which I forgot to photograph), a Just Saying Hi card, and a grad card! Then since I was sitting there anyway- I pulled out my little 5X7 journal and did a quick page! I am really loving that little book- I can whip out a page in no time and feel like I accomplished something- and somehow these pages are all a little more personal for me- definitely more like a journal than “just” my art pieces.



Just Saying Hi!

Just Saying Hi!

I loved making these cards- totally from bits and pieces and scraps of old scrapbooking stuff. 🙂 The Just Saying Hi card I used a page from an altered book I have had for ages- I pulled some of the paper out for the train project I did a few weeks ago- but didn’t use it all- so I thought making cards from it would be a good idea! 🙂

The Journey

The Journey

I used another page from that old altered book for my journal page, crumbled it up and inked it- then glued it down and did a simple one color painted border- added this lovely butterfly clip art (I have a bunch of these pretties left!) and then added words- which I inked up a little too. (I almost always print on watercolor paper and ink the edges- it has such a nice texture…)

And well- there ya go! It’s what I have going right now. I actually might have to try to go down to the art store (did I mention how lucky I am that I have one DOWN THE STREET! Only 6 blocks away!) to get a big piece of Foam Core Board so I can finish the other project I have started and finally show it to you- and put it on our wall!

So what are YOU working on this week?



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