On the Table Tuesday…

So since the project on my table right now is… UBER COOL… and I want it to be finished before I show it off… LOL I decided I should FINALLY post the images of the finished On the Table Tuesday from weeks ago! The one that went through so many transformations and took so long!

On my Table April 2, 2013

On my Table April 2, 2013

This is how it started… I covered an 18X24 canvas with blue polka dot tissue paper and started trying to add “stuff” to it. But I was just not feeling it…

In progress...

In progress…

See… it was just not working! (Though I DO love my Sand Hill Crane cut out and need to figure out how I am going to use that someday!)

So I scrapped the whole idea and started again… using the lovely texture that the tissue paper created on the base and going a whole new direction!

How it started... Sort of...

How it started… Sort of…

Now there is something I could work with! (Most of the time I find I am just not a bright colors kind of girl… but that is not to say NEVER! <wink!>)

Middle- starting to take real shape..

Middle- starting to take real shape..

I cut out a heart from musical note paper- that already had a stamped style image on it. I used my awesome Gelli plate to add reds and yellows to it- and decoupaged it onto the canvas. Once that dried I covered the whole heart with clear gel to give it a thick raised feel and additional texture.

Still in Progress

Still in Progress

I added wings to it- by cutting out a paper design and tracing it onto the canvas to make the wings the same on both sides. I covered the wings first  with a layer of gesso, then I used modeling paste mixed both with suede and champagne paint color- allowed to dry then covered them both with Art Anthology Sorbet- Dimensional gel paint- to add sparkle and more texture and then outlined the wings with the Art Anthology Dimensional crystal- Blizzard. Love the way those products added such a nice touch to the overall image! I outlined the heart with split peas to make it distinct.

Then the finishing touches were in order!

Top Border

Top Border

Bottom Border

Bottom Border

I used my glue gun to create swirly accents on the bottom and top of the canvas to add borders. I painted flowers with a red paint/modeling paste mixture- then added the glue gun swirlies. To color them and the split peas I added for even more dimension- I rubbed on some copper metallic rub on. (Almost out of the copper! I need to figure out where I got this stuff and make sure I can get more!)


And Voila! FINALLY FINISHED! YAY! (Now to put up those shelfs so I can display my work in the living room!)

photo 2-1

FInished Project

Finished Project

I wish you could see how wonderfully shimmery the wings are with the Art Anthology Sorbet on them- they really just add sooo much to the whole piece!

This took me what felt like forever- but it was so much fun and so worth the effort of each layer and letting it all dry and working on it for so long. It was comforting to have it on the table each time I went there to work- knowing it was taking shape and becoming something.


So there it is! Finally here to show those of you who saw it all along and were wondering what had become of it!

Thanks for looking! What is on YOUR table this week?




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