Another DARE Completed!

I know I have mentioned that I LOVE the Mixed Media Monday FB group I am on! Tracy and all the ladies there are just awesome!!! This month’s DARE on Tracy’s Blog is here:

“Your Creative Dare is to write a letter to you.  Write a letter to the infant you, toddler you, teenager you, etc.  

Think back to how far you have come and not where you wish you were.  Give yourself praise for the path you have taken. “

This was really hard for me. There is a lot going on in my life- and I just didn’t feel like I had it in me to go THAT deep and try to explain some of this to a younger me. So I was just not going to do this challenge at all and just enjoy the Monday classes and not worry.

Then a few days ago- I saw a sign in a cute little boutique shop I like to browse in occasionally. It had a short message in small type print on a larger image… I thought.. Hmmm I could do something brief like that! And the idea was born. I thought about what the short message would be on the bus that day and then finally LAST NIGHT (I swear I ALWAYS do these challenges like the night before they are due!) I whipped out the page. And I really like how it turned out!

Dear Me

Dear Me

I cut the man and woman images from an advertisement brochure that came from the St. Paul Opera! (I used am image from there on my last DARE too… It has been a great clip art source!) The background is just two pieces of old scrapbook paper I had lying around. (I have a lot of that!) And then I dug into my embellishment box and came up with the rest of the goodies.

So there it is! My May Dare Challenge. Thank you Tracy for helping me to get at least ONE more page into my journal! 🙂



8 thoughts on “Another DARE Completed!

  1. Laurianna it is wonderful … from start to finish!! Love you for finding a comfortable way to do it as well. I remember how impossible I felt it was for me too and how a quiet chatter with my babygirl (who’s 40 lol) helped me find a way to do it without fuss. Good for you and your favourite little shoppe!

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