On the Table Tuesday

So- today? On the Table? NADA! Absolutely nothing! Because I took the table down!! LOL

Where "the table" used to be! My REAL living room!

Where “the table” used to be! My REAL living room!

I was sitting at my desk yesterday yesterday-  I looked up and saw my table- and I swear for the first time- I think I saw what my husband sees… It just looked messy and not cool. So- I took it down. I will put it up on Saturday- (The country’s largest Art Crawl happens in my neighborhood this weekend- so there will be a LOT of art vibrations happening and I plan to take advantage of it!- Check it out here… http://nemaa.org/art-a-whirl ) but it has been up for almost 6 months- so I figure I can allow our home to look a little neater for at least a few days!! 🙂

However- I won’t leave you missing out… I DID work on something this weekend… I actually FINISHED two projects! You know that ONE that has been hanging around forever- On the Table Tuesday for like a month? FINALLY DONE! (BUT I have a feeling I want to make just a few more quick changes to it! LOL) I will save that piece to give us something to “talk about” in another post this week.

So for today- I will show you the other piece I finished. I started it AND finished it all on Sunday! This piece came out of my head fast and furious. I started in church! I know, I know, I should have been paying attention to the sermon- but this darn Dragonfly was just buzzing around in there just trying to get out!

Dragonfly 11X14

Dragonfly 11X14

When we got home from church- I immediately went out to the art store. So exciting to have one right down the street! (My budget might not appreciate it much though!) I knew I needed some of that sparkly dark red and blue paper. To be honest- I was thinking of a little bit greener blue- but they didn’t have that color in the sparkly paper I was looking for… but this ended up being perfect- I had the blue golden paint that matches it almost exactly!

New Art Store!!!

New Art Store!!!

So- I painted the 11X14 canvas all blue. I used my Gelli Plate with white champagne, a slightly different shade of blue,  and some gold to give the background some contrast and kind of texture. Then I added the red border. The red is a little more glossy- its a nice contrast. I tried to use a dimensional paint to border the red border- but it was getting too thick so I wiped it off and ditched that idea.

Close Up

Close Up

Then I dug through all my old scrapbooking embellies and went to town looking for the perfect little round bits for the body! I think I found the perfect items!

Another angle

Another angle

Lastly I cut the wings out of the sparkly paper and glued the whole thing down! Super quick and easy! I usually like to seal my works with a layer of modge podge- but I worry that the layer would really diminish the prettiness of the shiny paper- so I figure I will just leave it as is.

So there it is! I totally enjoyed how quickly this piece came together! It was nice to finish a decent sized piece in one afternoon! Have some ideas for two new pieces- hopefully next weekend with all the art vibes going on- I can get those both done too! (One already has a completed background so it shouldn’t be too bad!)

So- what are you working on??



4 thoughts on “On the Table Tuesday

  1. What an absolutely striking canvas! Your dragonfly has so many components, just like people. Separately, each component is pretty and interesting, but, in the whole, it is just magical! Bravo!

  2. What a wonderful creation … and all from a moment of dragonfly serendipity! HOW awesome is that!!! Your living room is so lovely … I’ll pray you are able to find a location to do your artwork where its not so intrusive and you and hubby can find happiness with the change! :-

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