On the Table Tuesday

Well hopefully you will not get tired of seeing this piece…. I promise it is ALMOST finished! LOL

Still in Progress

Still in Progress

I know it does’t look THAT different from the last time I showed it sitting here on my table… but it is! Before the wings were just a gesso outline- now they have had two layers of modeling paste to give them a little more texture (one layer with suede paint and one layer with a little more shimmery champagne color.) Then I used my brand new Art Anthology Sorbet- Dimensional gel paint- Splashed to add sparkle and more texture and outlined the wings with the Art Anthology Dimensional crystal- Blizzard.  I also added flowers at the top and the bottom. These flowers will anchor some swirly lines I plan to add to kind of frame the whole thing… and then I will finally be pretty much done! LOL We’ll see how many more weeks of “On the Table Tuesday” this piece hangs around!

Close up of Wings

Close up of Wings

I’m definitely enjoying the process- and for me that’s good enough for now! I definitely needed the process this weekend. Some things in my life are UBER stressful right now- and sitting down at the table layering modeling paste and glittery color is exactly what I needed (well that a run and a good snuggle from the husband!)

Speaking of the husband! Look what he put together for me this weekend!



As I mentioned in my post yesterday- I do believe his expectation was that once I filled these drawers that I would cart them off into the other room so that they would no longer be cluttering up the living room- except I am still working on something!! LOL (Next week I am having a Pampered Chef party- so I think I will be taking down the table and everything for that event. I might leave it all down for the whole weekend- to help him out a little!) You see that brown box under the table? (Still full of stuff?) ALL my paints and stuff like that was in there- it is now all in the drawers! Everything that is in that box was literally just sitting in the big chair that this table is blocking. No wonder it was all starting to make him crazy! Heck- it was starting to make ME crazy! I like having a new place to keep things organized. I just wish the drawers were big enough to hold my 12X12 templates. They are on top though- so they are at least neatly put  somewhere- not just laid on the bookshelves! (Like the art that is stashed there just above the table! We are going to buy a few shelves this week for me to use to display my work in the house.)

I bought a new smaller mini (5X7) art journal.. so this weekend while modeling paste and glittery Sorbet was drying- I worked on two quick pages- I like this size- made quick easy but nice pages. A little more personal for some reason- but as always- I enjoyed the process and really didn’t start with much in mind except the colors I wanted to use… 🙂

5X7 Journal Pages

5X7 Journal Pages

So these are also part of the “On the Table” this week because I just finished them! 🙂

What are you working on this week?



4 thoughts on “On the Table Tuesday

  1. You are on a creative “binge,” I am thinking! But, not to worry about taking a while to complete a project. You will know when it is “done.” I am a big fan of your work, so keep ’em coming. Just commented on your other post, so now I know what you are doing with those new paints! 😉

    • THANKS! I am surely enjoying and taking advantage of the desire to create! Once it gets nice out- I sometimes spend more time running and biking than creating!

  2. I am loving that angel wings piece, Laurianna! Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Your journal pages are wonderful — so thoughtful and sensitive to your life right now, God bless and give you strength and hope … and peace to know that HE is in control. (((Hugs)))

    • Thanks! I think we all know art journaling is so healing too! I appreciate it.. .and am coming to appreciate His control- even when I wish I could be the one in control!


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