Too Fun! a Random Post…

Couple of things…

1- I WON! I entered the Creative Dare (see blog post below) and I won by random drawing! COOL BEANS! I am so excited to get a basket full of Beacon Adhesive stuff!! WHOOO HOOO!! Even cooler because I completed my piece just in the nick of time! HOW FUN! I never win anything- and it was a nice surprise on a pretty stressful day!

2- There is an ART SUPPLY STORE just down the street… literally 6 blocks! I can see lunch time bike rides over to pick up “a few things!” I already know I am going to be a recognizable customer! LOL  This weekend already- I got a little bottle of Golden paint (ok 2!) a 5X7 multimedia journal pad, a couple of charcoal pencils, and some other random things… My Guy picked out some cool shimmery copper paper that he decided would make great wings for a project of mine! He was soooo right too! That is going to be fun to figure out and work on! He has such great ideas! (Probably shouldn’t bring him in there very often with me though- he saw the price on the little 2oz bottles of Golden paint- $6! He knows he sees more than just a few on my desk when I am working on something!)

3- I got a set of drawers that roll to put all my paints and a bunch of supplies in. This way I can move the stuff into the other room so it is not always out in my living room. My husband put it together- I think he was hoping I would fill it and immediately cart it all off.. but no way Jose! I have a work in progress on the table! LOL I do like being able to open the drawers and see my supplies- not dig into the bottom of a box filled with stuff to get what I need!

4- Last week I got these very cool new paints and supplies! Thank you Stayce DeWid!!! I started to play with them a little this weekend- and used the white paints on the wings of the project that I am currently working on. So cool! Can’t wait to play with the sprays and do a couple of other things this week or next weekend! (Since the wings project is STILL On The Table- I am sure you will see it in progress tomorrow when I do On The Table Tuesday! LOL The wings sparkle!)

Art Anthology Goodies!

Art Anthology Goodies!

So there it is… just a mini-update on the art in my world! How goes the art in yours?



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