On the Table Tuesday

And April Dare!

Every Monday night- great Mixed Media fun happens- brought to us by Tracy Weinzapfel http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/ Each month she has a DARE for us… I am getting mine in JUST under the wire! (It’s due by today!) I loved the idea of it- I just didn’t have as much art time recently as I liked- and you saw my On the Table from previous weeks- it was a BIG canvas (which is just temporarily off the table so I could work on this journal page!)

I am...

I am…

The DARE for April was to journal 5 Words that you want to be remembered by. I easily came up with 3- but asked my sweet husband for some ideas for the other two. (I had ideas, but narrowing them down was an issue- so I figured the ones he came up with that were the same as mine- were GOLD!)

I do like this size- I have a lot of fun and was able to make this in one evening- while my DH watched hockey playoffs! 🙂

Thanks Tracy and everyone on the Facebook page for the inspiration! There were sooo many amazing entries this month! They made me HAVE to get to the table tonight to do mine too!


4 thoughts on “On the Table Tuesday

    • THANKS!!! I was thinking about “Healthy” and “Artistic”- but I am definitely more “Nutty Crunchy and Artsy- Fartsy!” LOL

  1. Sweet “answer” to the April Dare! I am so glad that your words “graceful, loving and joyful” have such fun companions as “Nutty Crunchy” and “Artsy-Fartsy”! Makes you seem well rounded, somehow! Just a great fun page. Kudos for your humor!!

  2. It definitlely showcases a great sense of humor and I love how you started and ended your word strips with the more fun descriptive words! Great job! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

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