On the Table Tuesday

Well- since I am not a prolific artist (work, a husband, a life- all conspire to get in the way) I am glad to at least have something different to show you for this week’s On the Table…

How it started... Sort of...

How it started… Sort of…

Remember that blue tissue paper canvas I showed you for two weeks in a row for the “On the Table Tuesday?” Well this is it!!! Looks pretty different doesn’t it! I just was not feeling it- so I went a new direction. My Husband is always amazed that I can just so easily alter my course when it comes to my art. 🙂

I started with a nice yellow in the middle and did a gradient out on the edges with orange… then brown.. then black. When the brown was still wet- I sprayed it with water- and painted it with a wet brush… then tipped the canvas up to let the brown spread across the yellow/orange, to “mess it up” a little! (I learned this spiffy little technique from a great art mentor Tracy Weinzapfel (http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/ – I love her Mixed Media Monday videos/classes. I always learn a little something that I didn’t know before and want to try!)

Anyway- after the brown and black dried- I used a small scrap of bubble wrap to add yellow, orange and gold to the dark edges to lighten it all up a little. (The Gold was a bit “clogged” and an extra hard squish caused a small “explosion” of paint- all over my face, neck, table, floor, chair… etc! Good thing we got to it and it cleaned up nicely!)

Middle- starting to take real shape..

Middle- starting to take real shape..

I decoupaged a heart onto the canvas- after painting it with my gelli plate- the paper has sheet music on it and a small drawing of musicians that all shows through the painting. I covered the heart with a thick layer of Clear Gel medium- makes it nice and textur-y- and shiny… I bordered it with split peas. I actually like the  of the peas- might keep it… might paint over it- haven”t decided.

Still unfinished...

Still unfinished…

You can see that the gel is STILL not dry and I did that on Sunday! The border with peas is pretty clear in that image too. I traced the wings I had cut out- to make them more symmetrical. Then colored the space in with gesso. Not sure what color the wings will end up.. but I am liking the lightness of them on the darkish background so I might do something lighter than I originally thought.

I plan to do some kind of swirly border on the top and bottom and outline it with the glue gun and some more funky peas… but that will be finishing touches! I am sure I will share!

What’s on YOUR table today?



3 thoughts on “On the Table Tuesday

  1. I have never worked on a project this size before, and admire you for your bravery! Sometimes, ok, often, it is hard to find time for art, but I do feel it is so important. The rest of my life goes better when I am allowing myself that time. Larger projects do take time, so don’t rush this one. I love to watch the progress!

    • I definitely agree that the rest of my life goes so much better when I allow myself that time. My husband even knows it- that’s why my messy art table is up smack dab in the middle of our living room! LOL It’s good for my soul- even though the mess is not so good for his! ❤


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