Free Bird

Free Bird

Free Bird

So we have established that I love birds. Good- because here is another piece of my “bird art.” I like her.. she is frilly and lacy and was a lot of fun to create.

This is a loose piece of canvas with masking tape layered on top for the background… I used the end of the paint brush to create the dots. She was one of the first birds I painted when I started taking the class on birds.

And she touched a life…

I was heading to the hair dresser when I thought to myself- I should bring Julia that bird. Then I shook it off thinking… oh yeah sure- that’s pretty full of yourself- that you think someone would want one of your art pieces- let alone one of your first. Silly Girl.

So I went without the bird. While I was in the chair and we were chatting away- “somehow” the subject of birds came up… She started telling me how caged in she used to feel and how she is learning to fly all over again and how a bird is symbolic to her of that. I told her that I ALMOST brought her the bird… she said BRING IT! I WANT IT! I showed it to her on my phone and promised that in the next few days I would stop by again with the bird in hand.

Two days later I left it in her chair and went about my business. A few weeks later when I called to make an another appointment to have my hair cut she said “I am not doing hair there anymore! Your bird gave me the courage to put an end to something that was just not working for me in my life! THANK YOU” WOW! REALLY?

She told me she has framed it and it hangs in her living room and reminds her to do things in her life that will enhance her freedom and keep her from feeling caged.

WOW! MY art did all of that? Art Heals. Art Speaks. And you don’t even have to be a master painter for the “magic” of art and the kindness of your heart to speak to people!

COOL BEANS! Now who is going to cut my hair??!! LOL



2 thoughts on “Free Bird

  1. It is such a magical thing when someone who doesn’t *have* to like your work (like your husband and kids and friends) really does like it! If you never really felt like an artist before, you now have that standing and can be proud of it! I do not buy art by its dimensions, by its color palette, or even by its topic. I only buy art that speaks to me. Your art is talking, and people are listening! Bravo!

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