On the Table Tuesday

Been one of those weeks- and I didn’t Blog at all here! But since I did have actual WORK on my Table Yesterday- I am going to work with it! (Even though today is CLEARLY Weds! You won’t tell will you?!)

Hands Hearts Healing

Hands Hearts Healing


This is for the “Hands On” Healers in the Wellness Collaborative where I have an office. This canvas shape really drew me, but then once I had the Chevron pattern on there (Modeling Paste and a template) with the purple- I was stuck for months!

Finally it came to me to use a hand- and the rest kind of flowed from there. It also helped me to start feeling it once I started covering up the bright purple/pink with layers of other paint. I used a Gelli Plate for the first “grungy” layer- after I painted the hand- and I also did a Burnt Umber “wash” and after that a Champagne “wash.” (I really like the bit of “shine” the champagne color gives it.)

Once I started adding the Split Peas for the border inside the hand- I knew I needed then on the outside too. Even mu Husband thought- YEP NOW it is coming together! I finger painted all the peas a dark purple to cover the green. I also used a glue gun to outline the hand- I wanted it to pop just a little more with everything else going on.

To finish it off I used Metallic- Rub Ons to add silver to the hand outline, the letters and a little touch of silver on the pea borders. I covered the whole thing in Glossy Modge-Podge and called it a day.

Thanks for looking! It was a lot of fun to finally feel the flow for this piece- after it sat on my shelf as a “background” for so long!

(Now if I could only figure out what to do with that piece that was on my table for the past two Tuesdays!!)


One thought on “On the Table Tuesday

  1. I saw this in Facebook and loved it here! It is just a magnificent, inspiring work of (he)art! I just noticed that the thumb extends to the side and think that is so “artsy.” Some things just take time, and, in the end, it is jut *so* worth it! Bravo!

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