On the Table Tuesday

I am sad to report that my “On the Table”… has not changed. LOL

On my Table April 2, 2013

On my Table April 2, 2013

I did however take all the items I had previously arranged on it- and removed them. Not feeling it. Maybe some of the little pieces will find their way back on- but my Sand Hill Crane will not be making its way back. I did see a video tutorial today that just might help me solve some of the overall painting “issues” I have- so if I have time to watch that soon- hopefully that will help!

It was just a busier weekend than usual- so there was really no time for art experiments.

I DID however buy some split peas- I am taking a class that the teacher uses split peas all the time to add texture… I am excited to try that too! My poor husband has put them back into the kitchen cabinet a couple of times. I finally had to break down and tell him they were for “art-ing not for eating!” (What exactly did he think I was going to cook with 1/2 cup of split peas anyway? LOL)

So- Hopefully NEXT Tuesday- my “On My Table” will have a different scene.

I have made other things- I will post those little cuties in the next few days.


What is on YOUR table?


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