On the Table Tuesday

Well- since I am not a prolific artist (work, a husband, a life- all conspire to get in the way) I am glad to at least have something different to show you for this week’s On the Table…

How it started... Sort of...

How it started… Sort of…

Remember that blue tissue paper canvas I showed you for two weeks in a row for the “On the Table Tuesday?” Well this is it!!! Looks pretty different doesn’t it! I just was not feeling it- so I went a new direction. My Husband is always amazed that I can just so easily alter my course when it comes to my art. 🙂

I started with a nice yellow in the middle and did a gradient out on the edges with orange… then brown.. then black. When the brown was still wet- I sprayed it with water- and painted it with a wet brush… then tipped the canvas up to let the brown spread across the yellow/orange, to “mess it up” a little! (I learned this spiffy little technique from a great art mentor Tracy Weinzapfel (http://tracywburgos.typepad.com/treasure_the_momentlove_l/ – I love her Mixed Media Monday videos/classes. I always learn a little something that I didn’t know before and want to try!)

Anyway- after the brown and black dried- I used a small scrap of bubble wrap to add yellow, orange and gold to the dark edges to lighten it all up a little. (The Gold was a bit “clogged” and an extra hard squish caused a small “explosion” of paint- all over my face, neck, table, floor, chair… etc! Good thing we got to it and it cleaned up nicely!)

Middle- starting to take real shape..

Middle- starting to take real shape..

I decoupaged a heart onto the canvas- after painting it with my gelli plate- the paper has sheet music on it and a small drawing of musicians that all shows through the painting. I covered the heart with a thick layer of Clear Gel medium- makes it nice and textur-y- and shiny… I bordered it with split peas. I actually like the  of the peas- might keep it… might paint over it- haven”t decided.

Still unfinished...

Still unfinished…

You can see that the gel is STILL not dry and I did that on Sunday! The border with peas is pretty clear in that image too. I traced the wings I had cut out- to make them more symmetrical. Then colored the space in with gesso. Not sure what color the wings will end up.. but I am liking the lightness of them on the darkish background so I might do something lighter than I originally thought.

I plan to do some kind of swirly border on the top and bottom and outline it with the glue gun and some more funky peas… but that will be finishing touches! I am sure I will share!

What’s on YOUR table today?



Free Bird

Free Bird

Free Bird

So we have established that I love birds. Good- because here is another piece of my “bird art.” I like her.. she is frilly and lacy and was a lot of fun to create.

This is a loose piece of canvas with masking tape layered on top for the background… I used the end of the paint brush to create the dots. She was one of the first birds I painted when I started taking the class on birds.

And she touched a life…

I was heading to the hair dresser when I thought to myself- I should bring Julia that bird. Then I shook it off thinking… oh yeah sure- that’s pretty full of yourself- that you think someone would want one of your art pieces- let alone one of your first. Silly Girl.

So I went without the bird. While I was in the chair and we were chatting away- “somehow” the subject of birds came up… She started telling me how caged in she used to feel and how she is learning to fly all over again and how a bird is symbolic to her of that. I told her that I ALMOST brought her the bird… she said BRING IT! I WANT IT! I showed it to her on my phone and promised that in the next few days I would stop by again with the bird in hand.

Two days later I left it in her chair and went about my business. A few weeks later when I called to make an another appointment to have my hair cut she said “I am not doing hair there anymore! Your bird gave me the courage to put an end to something that was just not working for me in my life! THANK YOU” WOW! REALLY?

She told me she has framed it and it hangs in her living room and reminds her to do things in her life that will enhance her freedom and keep her from feeling caged.

WOW! MY art did all of that? Art Heals. Art Speaks. And you don’t even have to be a master painter for the “magic” of art and the kindness of your heart to speak to people!

COOL BEANS! Now who is going to cut my hair??!! LOL


On the Table Tuesday

Been one of those weeks- and I didn’t Blog at all here! But since I did have actual WORK on my Table Yesterday- I am going to work with it! (Even though today is CLEARLY Weds! You won’t tell will you?!)

Hands Hearts Healing

Hands Hearts Healing


This is for the “Hands On” Healers in the Wellness Collaborative where I have an office. This canvas shape really drew me, but then once I had the Chevron pattern on there (Modeling Paste and a template) with the purple- I was stuck for months!

Finally it came to me to use a hand- and the rest kind of flowed from there. It also helped me to start feeling it once I started covering up the bright purple/pink with layers of other paint. I used a Gelli Plate for the first “grungy” layer- after I painted the hand- and I also did a Burnt Umber “wash” and after that a Champagne “wash.” (I really like the bit of “shine” the champagne color gives it.)

Once I started adding the Split Peas for the border inside the hand- I knew I needed then on the outside too. Even mu Husband thought- YEP NOW it is coming together! I finger painted all the peas a dark purple to cover the green. I also used a glue gun to outline the hand- I wanted it to pop just a little more with everything else going on.

To finish it off I used Metallic- Rub Ons to add silver to the hand outline, the letters and a little touch of silver on the pea borders. I covered the whole thing in Glossy Modge-Podge and called it a day.

Thanks for looking! It was a lot of fun to finally feel the flow for this piece- after it sat on my shelf as a “background” for so long!

(Now if I could only figure out what to do with that piece that was on my table for the past two Tuesdays!!)

On the Table Tuesday

I am sad to report that my “On the Table”… has not changed. LOL

On my Table April 2, 2013

On my Table April 2, 2013

I did however take all the items I had previously arranged on it- and removed them. Not feeling it. Maybe some of the little pieces will find their way back on- but my Sand Hill Crane will not be making its way back. I did see a video tutorial today that just might help me solve some of the overall painting “issues” I have- so if I have time to watch that soon- hopefully that will help!

It was just a busier weekend than usual- so there was really no time for art experiments.

I DID however buy some split peas- I am taking a class that the teacher uses split peas all the time to add texture… I am excited to try that too! My poor husband has put them back into the kitchen cabinet a couple of times. I finally had to break down and tell him they were for “art-ing not for eating!” (What exactly did he think I was going to cook with 1/2 cup of split peas anyway? LOL)

So- Hopefully NEXT Tuesday- my “On My Table” will have a different scene.

I have made other things- I will post those little cuties in the next few days.


What is on YOUR table?