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You will soon notice a trend in my work… I like Birds.

Saying it like that- is actually an understatement. I REALLY LIKE BIRDS! (Even that may not be enough emphasis- but if I go too much BIGGER then I will start to come across as a freak and well… we can’t have THAT now can we?!)


My first Eagle Page

My first Eagle Page

I like birds. There- we got that out of the way- so when you see most of my work these days involves birds- it will make sense. You also need to know- I am currently taking a class that is all Birds, Butterflies and Wings! So you will be seeing a lot of the last two as well- though I really have been having too much fun with the birds to really move on to the next topics… though I started the Wings section this week and I am already ruminating some ideas!

Anyway- this Eagle is on my Mixed Media 14X17 Sketch Pad. Love this size. This is the first thing I really did in it- and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I thought it might be. I still at times prefer my 9X11 pad- but this has been a fun exploration!

I drew the bird, then covered the whole thing with a clear gel from Golden. Let that dry and painted over it to get the texture on the bird. The texture under the nest is just modeling paste smeared on there any ole way! LOL There is another spot of paste “smearing” up by the sun.

My sister- who is an amazing artist; (Dare I say a REAL artist? I say that without demeaning my own talent and joy in creating- she is jut not only good- but she excels in multiple mediums and shows her work, is on the board of a Community Arts Council etc.) she says she is always kind of surprised how I mix colors you wouldn’t think of together- together and make them work! So there ya go!

Do you find that you have themes in your work? One subject, topic, item, that comes up over and over? Does it have particular meaning? Or is is just something that is easy for you to draw? How does that work for you?



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