On the Table Tuesday

So what’s on your work table today? I would love to see- post and link back to this and let’s share!


Work in Progress

Work in Progress

I am working on this 18X24 canvas… my largest piece yet… I covered the whole thing in a blue tissue paper with red polka dots! That is all I had done when my DH came home on Saturday and he was like “COOL! That looks awesome!” I love how he is excited about my work so often. He knows I am not the world’s best artist and I wish I were even more talented- but he appreciates what it does for me… and I am a lucky girl.

OK so that was a rabbit-trail… what I meant to talk about is that I have NO FREAKIN’ CLUE where this is going. I thought I did… I did a sketch.. trashed that… cut out the Crane from another page I did and didn’t like the page- but loved the bird… you see… still unsure… and right now it looks too “childish”… I’ll get it figured out… but it might be a fun process. Nothing is stuck down but the tissue paper and the paint- so I still have a lot of options! I will be sure to share when I am done!

I also just got this totally great new container to keep some of my “stuff” in. I am a lucky girl and we have two bedrooms- but I prefer to create out in “the house” so even though we live in an apartment- that is not small but definitely is not big- my art desk/table is in the middle of our living room- so I like to try to keep it as organized a space as possible so that our life isn’t overpowered with my mess.

Organized Art

Organized Art


What’s on your table? And what is one of your favorite organizing ideas?




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