March Creative Dare!

There is this Facebook group that I just love being part of – Mixed Media Mondays! I have been part of the group for a while, and recently even started watching the videos (usually after Monday because evening is husband/family time.) But I love her spirit and fun and of course her work! I have learned so many new things and techniques in just a few weeks of really participating in the group! YAY!

Sooo every month she does a Creative Dare. This is the link to the Dare for March.

I thought I would finally play along! I was totally working on another page- a 14X17 sketch pad background.. but it just was not “speaking to me.” SO I ended up in my smaller 9X11 pad and with THIS!

In Your Eyes- March Dare

In Your Eyes- March Dare

In Your Eyes- by Peter Gabriel was the song I walked down the aisle to in our wedding- just about 6 months ago. 🙂 <swoon!> It was the Vitamin String Quartet version- but still! This song!

The Girl (my step-daughter) was watching me cut out this face from a Macy’s ad! and was like… “uhm… whatcha doin’?” … I responded… “I’m doing art!” LOL I have been cutting all kind of things from catalogs and advertisements… swearing that one day they will be part of my art… and yep! This one worked!

Thanks Tracy for the group and for the inspiration to really get going on my own art again!


PS You can link to the Facebook group from her blog/website and she can put you into the group if you want to be part of the fun!


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